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Telangana Treasury website, TG Cyber Treasury: https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/
Common Problems in ddo request for salaries online Bill Preparation and Surrender Leave Proceedings…
AP treasury website for Drawing and Disbursing Officers to send their salary bills after preparing and taking prints of the monthly bills. Preparation and submission of online bills to the there are so many options yet to known to many users. First go to one of these websites, site doesn't open in Google Chrome. http://www.treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq
AP Treasuries Official Website of DDO Request (ddoreq) is in https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/

Login using the DDO code given to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer for example- 0x010308xxx and sign in using the password. At present a common password 123456 is given to all the DDO's. After Signing in, it’s better to change the password of your own. After signing in you will see three options on the left side of the screen Click on the tab pay bills. Enter the details of the employees under the DDO. Make sure that the concerned Sub Treasury created a Bill ID for your DDO and enter cadre strength at the Sub-treasury. After confirming the no. of posts shown against the Head of Account under each group, click on EMPLOYEE ACCEPTANCE.

Enter the ID no of the employee against the box given and press tab. The details of the employee displayed. At the bottom of the screen you prompted to select Bill ID for the employee and designation of the employee. Accept all the employees under the DDO and select proper Designation of the employee.

For salaries Employee Updating
Use this option to enter the details of the employee as laid down on the Master Entry Form. After making sure that the Pay, Allowances of the employee and deductions are correct and click on submit at the end of the entry process. Employee List after completing the employee update check the entire employee accepted and assigned to the ddo request or not. If you find that any other employee assigned to your ddo request by mistake, you can remove from your list of employees by choosing the option Preparation of Pay Bills CLICK ON PREPARATION OF PAY BILLS TAB. Select Bill ID, enter month and year for which are preparing the pay bill. Click OK to continue to prepare the bill. On the first step you prompted to accept normal or stagnation increments for employees for the month.

After checking the box against the employees who are due for normal increment you shown the list of employees who included in that month's bill. Check the amount of each employee and continue up to the end of the list. Find any difference in any employee's emoluments or deductions click on the serial number on the left side of the screen.

The earning and deductions of the employee can correct and tally the amount as per need. It is advisable to update the employee's information to pay bill preparation. Making Temporary Deductions Or Earning During Pay Bill preparations to make adjustments to employee's earnings and deductions during pay bill preparation. Click on the serial number of the employee, you will see Earnings and Deductions of the employee. If you want change any earning or deduction, just click on the check box against the earning or deduction.

TBR Number Generation
After processing the bill, submit the bill on-line to generate TBR number. Click on DDO BILL SUBMISSION button. Enter Messenger Name, Form No.(Usually Form 47), Form Description(Usually Pay Bills) and select Head of Account. After entering the amounts the Gross and Net amounts of the bill be automatically generated. Check amounts at the end of the last step and click submit. There you are the TBR Number generated which looks like 2011000102.

Pay Bill Cancellation If the bill is not correct, click on BILL CANCELLATION on the pay bills tree. Enter the TBR number of the bill to cancel. Enter the TBR number and click on submit. Your bill cancelled and you can restart the procedure right from the beginning.

After completion of Pay bills and getting TBR Number, to get Form 47, Bill schedules, Bank copy for the bill submitted to the treasury. Click on Reports and respective tabs to get the above prints. There are in PDF and text formats. The inner sheets are usually the S.L.O. fly-leaf, which can inserted between Form 47 and Form 47 back.

Excluding the Employees
If some employee is on leave or you are not claiming salary for the employee, to exclude him from the pay bill click on the serial number of the employee, you will see the earnings and deductions of the employee for temporary changes be made. Here click on delete all which makes all the earnings and deductions zero for the employee.

LPC Creation and Transfer of Employee
If any employee under your ddo request, you can issue him Last Pay Certificate on-line to the employee, so that the name of such employee deleted from the list of employee under your jurisdiction. There is one more thing, if you select wrong cadre for any employee for ex: if you selected SGT instead of School Assistant for any employee and you will be getting a message that the cadre strength exceeds or unmatched. In this case you have to issue LPC to that particular employee and accept him again by choosing the correct cadre for the employee.

Telangana Treasury new website, TG Cyber Treasury: https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/
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