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Download Treasury e-challan and make online payment through banks…
AP cyber treasury, Challan Form Online is an information technology of the Andhra Pradesh state finance department work good for the revenue collection, especially during time of strikes by government employees too. AP government is now ready to collect Value Added Tax (VAT) from the traders using cyber treasury.

AP government Officials are already give instructions to the traders to pay taxes online. The traders will download e-challans and make online payment through their banks to the treasury. Traders have been asked to make advance payments though the actual tax liability will be less due to disruption in business. The liquor retailers have also been making payments through cyber treasury in through goapddb - http://apexcise.nic.in.

treasury.ap.gov.in is the Official website to AP cyber treasury, citizens can get AP cyber treasury Challan Form, new Challan Form, Treasury Wise Status of Bills and more services.

How to prepare Challan Form Online?
First you need to log on to AP cyber treasury Official website treasury.ap.gov.in, Select Challan Form link to prepare Challan for payment.
In AP Cyber Treasury online Challan Form
AP Cyber Treasury
  1. Select Treasury district
  2. Select Sub Treasury
  3. Enter DDO Code of payment receiver
  4. Enter Major Head, Sub Major, Minor Head, Group Sub Head, Sub Head, Detailed Head, Sub Detailed Head, and select N for Non-Plan, P for Plan, V for Voted, C for Charged and last N for Non-Contingency and C for Contingency.
  5. Type Customer ID like Identification Number or PAN No or Ration Card Number etc.
  6. Enter Remitter's Name, Address, Purpose, Email ID, Mobile Number and last enter Amount.
Click on Print challan you can get 3 Colum Challan Form in .pdf form. Take printout pay in Bank.

New Challan Form preparation
New Challan Form
The New Challan Form preparation is very simple. Select Treasury district, Sub Treasury, DDO Code, HOA and enter the Remitter's Name, Purpose, Amount to get New Challan Form in AP Cyber Treasury.

AP Cyber Treasury e-challans for Challan Form, new Challan Form at treasury.ap.gov.in.
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  1. from this ddo code: 27001701027
    how we can find below details
    Major Head
    Sub Major
    Minor Head
    Group SubHead
    Sub Head
    Sub Detailed Head


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