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AP Fibernet Services Phone, Cable and Internet Connections only Rs.149

AP Fibernet Services with 15 MBPS speed only at Rs.149/- info in APSFL , Silent feature of APSFL Fibernet Services -
  • 15 MBPS speed Internet Connection
  • More than 100 free channels Cable connection
  •  Free local calling Phone (in Fibernet network)
AP FibernetAP Fibernet Services only for Rs.149/-, Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited (APSFL) has introduces a High Speed Services with low price, AP Fiber Grid comes with 3 services to every home, AP Govt. Unveils High Speed FiberNet Broadband Service with Low price, the brand through which digital services will be delivered towards realizing the vision of digital AP.

AP Fibernet Services info in APSFL:
Get Latest updates on AP Fibernet Services in online at APSFL website, Television, Telephone, Internet Services are provides at low cost in AP through Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Limited (APSFL) by providing Fibernet Services to every house.

How to get AP Fibernet Services?
All the interested peoples can get AP Fibernet Services by buying the setup with cost of Rs.3900/- but everyone should buy 2 setup boxes to get above mentioned 3 services.

First Ap Govt. has planning to implement all the thee services by providing single setup box but still now this type of technology providing Institutions are not there in World, in case they are provides Television, Telephone, Internet Services through single setup box one services is down all the remaining services are automatically down, it’s a major problem, so due to that 2 setup boxes are compulsory to get AP Fibernet Services.

Services in AP Fibernet:
  • Monthly rent is Rs.149/-
  • In this pack 15 MBPS speed internet with 5 GB FUP, after that reduced speed is in active i.e.., 512 KBPS, in this reduced speed downloading is unlimited.
  • In cable TV only 150 channels are available beyond that pay channels are there if you want any channel just pay that fee and enjoy.
Get more info of the AP Fibernet Services on the second week of October in my next post. more info at