DDO Request AP employees salary bill prepare website

DDOreq- AP Treasuries website is https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
DDO Request For AP employees monthly salary bill preparation AP Treasuries department start online ddo request website to enter the details of employee to process the bills of salaries. ddo request is processing pension cases of the respective departments payment of salaries and other payments. Now DDO request was added some new features CPS, Leave Account Updating and Supplementary bill preparation.

Before we go for preparing supplementary bill it is so necessary for us to update the leave account of the employee. We have to enter the no. of half pay leaves and earned leaves in the Leave updating tab. than you can go to supplementary bill preparation. For instance if you have deducted an employee's salary for 7 days, it will be displayed at the supplementary bill preparation tab. After site prompts you to select the dates from which the employee went on leave and the kind of leave he availed. After you give the required information, your bill will be prepared online.

Official DDO Request Website at https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/ Enter your DDO Code and password and click SUBMIT. Claim Your DDO Request and bills.

AP Treasuries Official Website of DDO Request is in https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/

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