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Chandranna PelliKanuka Online Application at AP BC Welfare website soon

Chandranna PelliKanuka - 40000 BC couples each couple will get Rs. 30,000 and 20000 SC couples will get Rs. 35,000 every year, as marriage gift under this scheme. AP BC and SC Welfare and Departments offering wedding gift to BC, SC couples...
The government of Andhra Pradesh hopes to provide a lifetime memory for the newly married BC couples through 'Chandranna PelliKanuka '. The wedding gift scheme is intended for BCs and the Government is working on the creation of system of rules. 40000 BC pairs of married couples have been given 30 thousand rupees per pair in form of FD, plus a few more money and new clothes on the day of the wedding to newly married couples.

The AP government, which decided to give a 'wedding gift' (Chandranna PelliKanuka) to BCs, STs and Minorities, has decided to give fresh sessions to SCs. It also decided to increase the 'gift' to the BCs by five thousand.

The AP government thinks that poor families spend the highest amount for education, health and marriage. It is taking steps to reduce cost on these three. First of all, there was a discussion about how much of a wedding gift to be given. The department officials studied how many BC couples are getting married in a year. Already a small Muslim minority has been awarded a reward of Rs 50,000 for each couple under the Dulhan scheme. Under this scheme 12 thousand couples have benefited from last year. The BC people population is estimated to be more than 40,000 couples.
Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka Online Application
Chandranna wedding gift is an innovative idea of AP CM, total 40 thousand beneficiaries are benefited every year, Terms to apply to the poor. A website for online applications will start function soon to receive application; this portal operates through AP BC Welfare Department website.

Rs 30000 are expected to be paid in a form of fixed deposit rather than cash. It will also pay a fixed deposit for three years longer than that for the new couple. Fixed deposit on the name of the couple of the bride and groom. The government's idea is that the local public representative or the official must go to the wedding day to see them give them a moon wedding. But he directed that the scheme be implemented only for poor BCs. Soon the orders will be issued.

Chandranna PelliKanuka to Poor SC couples also

The Andhra Pradesh government has declared an unforgettable gift to the poor Dalits too. The Dalit couple decided to give Rs. 30 thousand as a wedding gift. Chandranna PelliKanuka has already announced the wedding reception for BCs. Minorities are given the name of 'Dulhan' in the name of marriage expenses. Under the scheme, the state government has decided to give Rs 30 thousand per couples of SCs. More than 20,000 poor Dalit couples each year is going to benefit under Chandranna PelliKanuka .

A website will be launched to apply for this scheme. The BC Welfare Department will manage Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka Online Application website. BC youth weddings across the state will be allowed to register online through this website. The new garments and fixed deposit documents are prepared to the time of wedding. The wedding is expected to happen in the presence of everyone, so the government hopes that there will be no injustice. At the same time, fixed deposit papers do not have any scarcity; beneficiaries will receive a hundred percent accurately.

A GO will release soon to specify the Chandranna Pelli Kaanuka terms and conditions. Than after Chandranna PelliKanuka Online Application link is available at AP BC Welfare website mostly. Other wise a separate new web site for receive Chandranna PelliKanuka Online Applications.