How to Become Pilot in India-Pilot License Training Institutes

The accepting challenges are the 'Pilot' career suitable for those who want to choose a different career. Pilot owns the ability to hit thousands of kilometers in hours. The number of young people who want to choose a pilot career increases day by day. Focus on pilot career in this background.

The pilot is the most demanding department of aviation. According to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the aviation sector is growing by about 25 per cent annually. This is mainly due to the introduction of several private airlines in the aviation sector. In addition, the demand for licensed pilots is on the rise.

Three types of licenses enable the pilot to start a career. They are
  • Student Pilot license
  • Private pilot license
  • Commercial pilot license
Student Pilot Lessons:
The first stage student pilot license to enthusiasts, who want to become a pilot in the career. This includes training of flight experience and theory subjects. Theory test for a hundred marks includes aircraft, engines and aerodynamics subjects.
Minimum eligibility is Tenth Class passing in the course of Student Pilot license and 16 years of age.

Private pilot license
This is the second step. Intermediate passes can enter directly into this Private Pilot license course. Private pilot license stage also includes practical, theory tests. In the Practical section, the aircraft will run for, with the help of the instructor 40 hours, self 20 hours. Theory division includes aircraft engines, air navigation, aviation meteorology and seminars. Private pilot license training will last for nearly two years.

Commercial pilot license
Final step in the process of settling the pilot is Commercial pilot license. This includes 250 hours of flying training. At this stage, 60 hour flying experience also includes in during Private pilot license. Within 200 hours of self- flying experience, including training in supervision of the instructors for 250 hours. The Theory department has to pass subjects like Air Regulations, Aviation Materiel, Air Navigation, Technical Planning and Communication in Radio and Wireless Transmission. Apart from this, even a certain physical fitness is mandatory. License training will last a year to two years depending on the ability of the respective flying clubs. There is no particular time limit prescribed.

Pilot license training companies are referred to as flying clubs. In fact, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) oversees the aviation sector courses and other training in the country. Currently, DGCA permits 29 flying clubs across the country with pilot license training. Read 29 institute list in link.

The institutions that specialize in the selection of these institutes will carry out the own selection process. Usually they are 'to be prepared for testing for the applicant in the aviation sector'. Continuous selection procedure is maintained because there is no procedure for academic term limitation. The number of applications and batches will begin with the availability of aircraft.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation Theory is conducting examinations for candidates who take pilot license in the country's flying clubs. (DGCA-Website: If you pass them, you will get a chance to become a pilot. These examinations are conducted by DGCA in January, April, July and October.

For those who want to stay in the career as a pilot, they are the most desirable qualities of technical observation and timing. If both of these are only can achieved top position in this field. There must be a mental stability to find solutions to the problems of the perpetual effects and problems confronted during the flight. After Completion of Commercial pilot license training and qualifying the examinations conducted by DGCA will be given to the trainee pilot opportunity first. At this stage, Wages are up to 35 thousand per month as per the company's capacity. Based on experience performance; Heads up Able to master the level of expertise in full capacity.

Read the list of DGCA approved Pilot license training institutes in India for pilot career at link.
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