Virtual Classes for AP Students-Innovative Experiment in Education

Virtual ClassesThe criticism that students are backed out of learning with a shortage of teachers is increasingly heard. This situation is in many schools across the state. However, modern technology that students have lessons to learn, regardless of teachers is currently running across the state. The virtual class of the classroom has been instrumental in innovative research in the field of education. Simultaneously, the different classes in the district were distributed to students of the same class, and the process of preparing the same text was made available. This education system has been implemented in various states of the country and has been introduced in our state.

This scheme is being implemented across the state, as a new era in the education system. This education system, under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, was started in the state last February. In this process, each lesson is taught by specialists who specialize in online.
Teachings to be taught to students in the digital class system that have been implemented so far have been embedded in advance. But in this virtual classroom course, online courses are taught at the moment. Schools have already set up infrastructure such as cameras and monitors.

How Virtual Classes is functioning?
Many schools across the state have been selected to make these online classes available to students. Of these many schools are ZP High Schools and Public High Schools. All of these are linked to the Diet (District Educational Institution) Colleges. Virtual classes are conducted by Diet College. The course schedule of the courses is prepared monthly and will be provided to their respective schools. According to the schedule, students of different classes will be trained to train.

The convenience of simultaneous viewing of students in the district at the same time is available in this approach. Various types of experiments, by answering students' questions, and compromising their suspicions, are also interested in the students. The Virtual Classes teaching is very useful in this approach to students from sixth class to D.Ed students. As students in these classes are on YouTube, students can always see anywhere in their mobile phone.

Equipment in main and connecting centers for Virtual Classes
HD Projector, 360 Degree Camera, Teaching Digital Whiteboard, Computer, WCDC Television, UPS, Cables that provide fast internet servers are the main centers for virtual class management. The West Godavari, Visakhapatnam and Chittoor of the state selected the Diet Colleges in these three districts.Of the remaining Diet Colleges and ZP schools, only half of them have been installed. Rs 6 lakh for devices in major centers and equipment worth Rs.3 lakh for relay centers.

Students are enriched with teaching lessons in virtual classes. This approach creates new ideas in them. They are afraid of their doubts. Prepare a schedule for a monthly advance and send it to their respective schools. Everyday, two subjects are taught classes for one class each morning, from the afternoon to the other class students. In some subjects the students are compromised in these classical classes in common classes.
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