How to Link Mobile number with Aadhaar Number?

Link Mobile number with Aadhaar is easy to do, did you still not connect your all numbers with Aadhaar number? But this post is for you. The central government has already introduced a method of Aadhaar linking to mobile number 's unlike earlier affiliation to retail stores. This means that you can complete Mobile Aadhaar connectivity from your mobile at home. This process can be completed in the IVRS method.

How to Link Mobile number with Aadhaar Number at home?
If you have your Aadhaar number and mobile both on hand, Airtel, Idea, Geo, Vodafone and any network customer will have to dial a 14546 number from your phone.
  • When you dial this Link Mobile Aadhaar linking number, you will be asked by an Indian or a NRI user. You must choose an option in it.
  • Then you must select 1. After entering your Aadhaar number, then press 1 again.
  • Your mobile number receives a one-time password (OTP), Validity of the OTP is valid for your mobile.
  • Then you must enter your mobile number. After that you will need to verify the last four digits of your mobile number.
  • You must enter an OTP to your mobile after the Mobile Number Verification. Then you can complete your Aadhaar number rear verification by pressing 1.
  • If you have an Aadhaar number already linked, then you will be informed about it beforehand. In this way you can easily Link Mobile number with Aadhaar Number at home.

Know Aadhaar Authentication History now

You can find out where your Aadhaar is using so far by clicking on the website link of the website. Once a 12-digit your Aadhaar ID number is entered, the security code (located on the website) comes with one time password (OTP) for the phone connected to that Aadhaar number. Once the OTP is entered, Aadhaar's details will appear on the screen.