Know Gmail Chrome Extensions, Gmail Chrome browser only features

Gmail has a new option every day ... but some extra features that are not available in other browsers are available with Chrome browser extensions. You can convert your Gmail into a super Gmail with new and new options, such as e-mail tracking, typing, email classification, etc. The Chrome browser extensively available for them!
  • You can find out if the mail sent to the track with the Mail track extension is visible.
  • If you have a draft map extension, you will know the alphabet and grammatical errors in the mail you wrote.
  • If you have installed the Checker Plus extension, you will receive a notification whenever a mail is received on a mobile basis.
  • You can change the e-mail subject that you have with Rename Email.
Name can be changed
A flight ticket booked two months ago. That ticket was also sent to PDF. Is not it now looking for it? If you have changed the mail subject to remember it now, you will not have trouble. This can be done by rename Email Extension. If you install this in your Chrome browser, you can change the mailbox that comes to you. If you take a flight ticket, it's easy to find a travel date, train name, etc.

'Fix Font' tab
If there are two or three fonts in the text in the same mail, it would not be good. If the text copied text in the text is posted in the mail ... it appears as well. This text can be avoided by the Email Text Formatter extension. The top of the 'Fix Font' tab appears after poured into the mailbox from the website. Clicking on it will change the font you have paste the normal character.

Have questions?
You have mail from your officer? You have little doubt about that. Then he is not available. The next step is not to remember. If there is a note adds to that mail, this is not a problem. The Simple Gmail Notes extension will do this work. After installing it, a box appears on the mail you receive. Write down your doubts.

Exceptions will be made
Mail in English but compose ... Do you doubt that grammar is wrong? However, the Draft Map extension will cope with your difficulty. If you type in Gmail after installing on the Chrome browser, you can find the parts of speech; the most used words, the words that are not correct and the style. Each of them has one color. Any unnecessary or wrong thoughts can be changed there.

Your name is new
In Gmail Settings there is an option called Signature. If the name and details are written in advance ... each sent mail will automatically come to the end of the mail. To add new souvenirs like Photo and your social networking IDs, you have to have Wise Stamp - Email Signatures for Gmail extension. If it is installed in a Chrome browser ... a website will open. You should give your name, mobile number, photo, address, social network id etc. After that the mail will come to the bottom of that detail.

Have you seen
If you send a message in Whatsapp, you can find out whether or not you see it by tick mark. There is such facility in the Gmail too. But the Mail track extension must be installed on the browser. After the mail, activate the 'Mail Track' option by activating the button below. When a green tick is opened, it will open two green ticks. You can find out how long the mail was open.

Get a notification
Whenever you receive mail you get a notification on mobile. In the same system, however, every email id is open. If you are using Checker Plus for Gmail extension ... you will get a notification on the computer. Once you have it installed on the system, there is a notification in the Start Bar when you receive mail. You can see the mail by clicking there. They can also be deleted, moving, and forwarded.

Easy to categorize ...
Personal e-mails, professional e-mails, bank details ... Tasks between them. It's easy to work out the tasks apart from being tuned. This can be done through the Sorted extension. Adding your mail id to this ... A new window will open. There are sections called to do, Follow Up and List. E-mails that you have next to them are your registered tasks. Drag and drop into the adjacent tabs and easily add them.

If the answer does not ...
Your friend has e-mailed ... waiting two days for the answer. But there is no result. Re-mailed again. There is an option to send mail automatically to those who did not reply. This can be done with Notifies extension. If you click on the Compose Mail icon then you will have a few options to choose the below Send, Send + 1 Day and Send + 2 Day. Selecting the Send + 1 Day if you do not reply within a day after the e-mail is sent, that e-mail will be rendered.