APPSC Recruitment of Asst. Professors, Lecturers Posts of AP Universities

Good news to aspirants of Asst. Professors, Lecturers Posts in AP Universities. Finally the AP University’s 1385 faculty posts are available for recruitment through APPSC. The Andhra Pradesh state government has issued instructions to issue notification to each of the university professors and faculty by the end of October.

AP State Universities Online Application For The Post Of Assistant Professors Posts ASSTPROF-2017 at Read more details about ASSTPROF-2017 Online Application Of Assistant Professors in my recent post.

Recruitment AP Universities Assistant Professors posts in two phases. The online portal for Recruitment AP Universities Assistant Professors posts starts in two days. In the first phase 845 posts and remaining 264 posts will be replaced in the second phase. The AP Universities Assistant Professors Recruitment online application portal prepared by the higher education system will be launched in two to three days. We will the URL link as soon as possible. AP Universities Assistant Professors Recruitment screening test is going to be done by APPSC for the first time in vacancies.

Universities receive online application for Assistant Professors posts, they filter the application to select qualified candidates and provide their details to APPSC. APPSC will be conduct Primary Examination (screening test ) and will give the list of qualified candidates to universities.

Accordingly, universities invite applications from applicants to subjects and send a list of eligible candidates to APPSC. According to this list, APPSC is conducting a written test. The details of marks received to the applicants will be sent to relevant universities. Universities with these details conduct interviews according to UGC rules. In the past there was not a single recruitment written test. Now it is mandatory. A written examination will be held in December through APPSC at the meeting of the Governing Board of Universities.

The Andhra Pradesh State Higher Education Council has been established to increase quality standards in universities. For the first time, filling vacancies are to be conducted by APPSC to conduct primary screening (screening test). This approach is being adopted at the recommendations made at the university conference of the previous one. Notifications and resolutions are expected to issue at the end of this month. In total, 1385 varsity Asst. Professors, Lecturers posts are going to be recruiting in two phases.

APPSC Recruitment 
After completion of the APPSC screening test, universities will be able to fill up posts with qualified candidates. Of the 14 universities across AP, 3,259 are in the post while 1,711 vacancies exist. In those, 1385 post are going to fill in two phases. 65 per cent of the first phase, 16 per cent in the second phase would be made on the recommendation of the committee for rationalization of posts in the universities.

Procedure of Recruitment of Asst. Professors, Lecturers Posts of AP Universities
Universities will issue the notification on vacancies and passing the authority to conduct basic test management responsibilities to APPSC. The State Higher Education Council has suggested that the process be completed by September. Later, APPSC will conduct screening test as per varsity vacancies and provide results to universities. After selecting a list of candidates who have qualified marks, the selection process of selection of universities will be processed.

The Universities will create a merit list based on the marks obtained by the applicant in APPSC Recruitment  screening test. In process of recruitment of Asst. Professors, Lecturers Posts to the university Selection Committee shall conduct oral examination (interviews). According to UGC rules, the Varsity Selection Committee will be set up. Candidates are given some time to join the job after completion of oral tests. If the same candidate is selected by two universities, one must join somewhere. For example, if a candidate applying for a single subject in both universities and qualifying in the primary examination of APPSC, the applicant will join somewhere at the given time. The vacancy space is then replaced by a merit list next candidate.

The higher education system has brought this new approach to increasing educational standards in the universities and recruiting talented teachers. This is the best time to aspirants of Asst. Professors; Lecturers Posts in AP Universities register APPSC OTPR now and save time. APPSC will conduct preliminary screening test to AP Universities Asst. Professors, Lecturers Posts, we will update APPSC Asst. Professors, Lecturers recruitment examination notification details, mode of Examination, Syllabus soon.

Primary Examination syllabus and questionnaire system has been set up by the Higher Education Council for recruitment of Assistant Professors (Universities Professors) in Universities. This test will be conducted online. There will be two papers. There is a question paper in English medium. Every wrong answer is 1/3 negative marks. Paper-1 is for two hours and the paper-2 is three hours.
For the first time in the state, the test management responsibilities are handed over to APPSC. After examining the applicant’s online applications, the universities send the descriptive lists for Primary Examination to APPSC.

APPSC Recruitment of Asst. Professors Exam method
The Appsc screening test is in total objective mode. Paper-1 General paper. Arts, Science, Engineering, Pharmacy etc are the only one (Commune). A total of 120 marks will be given. There are questions on Teaching and Research aptitude. Each question has a mark. Paper-2 will be given to 180 marks. The candidate is based on the chosen subject. Each question will be given a mark. The syllabus is called Paper-1 UGS Net is presented on the latest syllabus (November 2017). Paper-2 is completely subjects. For Science subjects, UGC Network and Science subjects will have CISR Net, Engineering and Architecture subjects in the Gate Syllabus.

ASSTPROF – 2017 Online Application for the Post of Assistant Professor in AP State Universities
The ASSTPROF – 2017 online portal for posting online applications has been created by the Higher Education Council. Varsity is likely to issue a notification on posts from next week. Online Application for the Post of Assistant Professor in AP State Universities in website, candidate registration in step 1 started.