ICWAI now renamed as CMA, CMA Course Easier than CA

It is well known that the management and e-commerce courses have increased significance in today's competitive world. The prospects for e-commerce professionals who run the country's economic activities in the coming days will be widespread. Three of the courses in commerce course are particularly important. They are CA, CMA and CS. Anyone who reads these courses will not be vacant. The CMA course is run by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. It is an autonomous body set up by Parliament in 1959 to create cost accountants in India.

CMA course is a gift to those who loose hopes on the CA course. Especially those looking for government jobs, the higher the chances of reading the CMA than the CA. Commerce students who think that CA cannot read generally do degrees, or join PG courses like MBA. But, many do not know that the CMA course can be completed with the difficulty of completing the degree and PG.

CMA along with engineering course
The CMA course will become more useful for students studying compared to others. Specifically, the engineering field of manufacturing + CMA is likely to increase employment opportunities. So, the CMA Institute hopes to implement a new approach through e-learning. Engineering subjects (except for a few subjects) will be introduced in the CMA course from the second year of engineering.

The CMA course will be designed to complete Parallel to engineering course. The CMA is a specialized course in commerce courses. It was called the ICWAI course until the very last. This course is better than the management course of e-commerce courses. Who completed the CMA; they are often employed in many cases more than MBA.

CMA Eligibility: Intermediate (MEC / CEC / M.P.C / Bi.P.C), Degree / Engineering completed can join the course. Engineering students can complete the CMA in less than two and half years and inter complete students within three and half years. The percentage passing in the CMA, Many students feel that the CMA is more difficult as the CA course. Check recent pass percentage of the results of the CMA Examination in June 2017; 32.36 percent in the CMA Intermediate and 25.12 percent in the final. So you can understand that the passing of the CMA course is not less.

CMA Registration: Those who want to join this course must pass the Inter or equivalent exam. Application form can be obtained at CMA Branches, CMA Chapters and CMA Information Centers at Rs.250, located in almost all the major cities in India. In order to read the CMA Foundation, you will have to pay Rs 4,000 demand draft in any Scheduled Bank payable at Kolkata. The Completed Application form and DD should be sent to the CMA Institute of Kolkata or its affiliates. For complete details please visit the institute website www.icmai.in.

CMA Foundation Course: The first phase of the course is called Foundation. Those who read any group in inter can register for the Foundation. In the Foundation course, all 8 subjects were divided into 4 papers. Each test is in a discrete way. The paper has 100 marks. The foundation test will take place twice a year in June and December. Four papers in the Foundation Examination 50% marks or more marks and each paper should have more than 40 percent marks are only declared as qualifiers. Candidates who pass the test will qualify for the CMA Intermediate Course.

CMA Inter Course (Executive Course): The students, who completed the foundation test, should take the CMA Inter Course after a year of inter-registration.Students who has completed degree in any discipline can directly register in the CMA course. CMA Inter exams occur twice a year between June and December. CMA Intermediate Course consists of two groups.
  • Group 1: There are four papers.
  • Group 2: There are also 4 papers.
Depending on the student ability, the two groups can simultaneously or individually write each group for a six-month distinction.

CMA Practical Training: A six-month practical training is essential for the CMA Final Examination. Those who have passed the Executive Course will have to train for up to six months at the identified departments or practicing cost accountants in recognized institutions.

CMA Final: There are also two groups. In order to qualify for the final examination, the student will have to complete practical training at least six months. The student can write two groups at once or separately with six months difference. CMA final exams are held annually in June and December. The students who completed the CMA final will be considered as Qualified Cost Accountants after the completion of their computer training. Finalists can join the job directly. To practice own, candidates have to complete two and half year’s practical training. The institute offers 'Certificate of Practice' to those who completed this training.

Foundation test passers will have to pay Rs. 20,000 for CMA registration and Rs. 17,000 for the final registration of Intermediate. The company has provided an opportunity for the recruiters to complete the latest CMA Foundation. During the registration period, Rs. 12,000 instead of Rs. 20,000 was paid to pay Rs. 8,000 for three months. The organization ID card gives students with registration. Only those who have ID card are allowed to exams. The company provides two types of coaching for the CMA.

For complete details please visit the CMA institute website www.icmai.in.