PMRF - Prime Minister Research Fellows Program for Ph.D Rolled Out

Prime Minister Research Fellows Program (PMRF) is designed to facilitate the PhD with the B.Tech qualification. IITs and IISC (Bengaluru) will soon be implemented by the central government in the name of Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme for students from B.Tech and other graduate courses. PMRF is introduction to Indigenous Research Activities and to stop intellectual immigration. Selected candidates will get Rs 70 thousand monthly under Fellowship. There are two thousand people will get fellowships annually.

The Prime Minister's Research Fellows Program is available for a few more days and norms can be materialized soon. Official sources say that this academic year will come into effect. The most important thing in the latest decision, Students will have to submit a project report on the subject of research interest in the fourth year of B.Tech. An expert panels will examination and select the 3000 candidates for the PhD program.

Special Committee for Prime Minister Research Fellows Program Selection: Many procedures will be implemented in order to select Ph.D students.
  • A special committee comprising All IITs, IISC Professors at the national level will be established.
  • Students in the late last year will have to submit their research project report to the committee.
  • Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of the specified research areas. 
  • Shortlisted candidates are headed by professors from their respective subjects, those who have won will be selected for the PhD. 
  • Guide availability and facilities in the institute, the committee also determines the decision of the candidates to research in any campus. The selectors are called Prime Minister Research Fellows.
Information on the qualification criteria of candidates has come to a conclusion. According to this, B.Tech students will have to pass the first semester from eighth semester to eight or more CGPA. There are currently disagreements on this issue.

There are many schemes such as Make in India and Skill India. There is an urgent need to conduct investigations to meet their goals. But activities do not happen at that level. IITs are not in the rank of World University ranking because the rank list is one of the parameters behind 'Research'. IIT Classes believe that IITs and IISCs will be engaged in the research of Prime Minister's Receiving Fellowship will contribute to positive results in world rankings.

The argument is that there will be protests from students of other institutions on restricting the IITs and IISC Bangalore students to the latest scheme. There are more prominent institutes in the country as well as facilities for PhD in them. There are also comments that other varsities need to encourage interested enthusiasts about research.

PMRF Fellowship per month likely Rs 75000: The IITs and IISC students who have been selected for the PhD are eligible for Fellowship of Rs. 70,000 per month for the current scheme. In addition, HRA and Contingency Grants can also be granted. In fact, for the first two years of PhD candidates in the IITs, Rs 25,000 a month under the name of JRF; From the third year to the fifth year, Rs. 28 thousand per month is called SRF. But under new Prime Minister Research Fellowship will get Rs 70,000 per month for a period of five years. The scholarship should be reimbursed by the scholars who have been given the opportunity to continue their studies within a specified period of five years. Accordingly, the terms seem to be designed.

Primer Research Fellowship is good for students who are looking for research at the B.Tech level. Though only two thousand people are determined, the incentives to be offered will be the inspiration for many students. All such individuals will have the opportunity to move to the PhD by other means along with the scheme. As a result, research activities in the country are increasing.

The Union Cabinet on 07 February 2018 approved the'Prime Minister's Research Fellows (PMRF)' scheme implement. Rs.1650 crore for next 7 years from 2018-19. The Prime Minister fellowship scheme has been announced in the Budget Speech and 3000 Fellows would be selected in a 3 year period, beginning 2018-19. Under this PMRF scheme, students will be offered direct admission in PhD programme in the IITs/IISc and fulfill the eligibility criteria will be offered a fellowship of Rs.70,000/- per month for the first 2 years, Rs.75,000/- per month for the 3rd year, and Rs.80,000/- per month in the 4th and 5th years. Apart from this, a research grant of Rs.2.00 lakh will be provided to each of the Fellows for a period of 5 years to cover their foreign travel expenses for presenting research papers in international seminars.

PMRF is really brilliant idea; it will defiantly boost research intention in students. We will update PMRF detailed information about eligibility, notifications, online applications, and online submissions soon.