Bhudhar Unique number to every land asset in AP soon-Bhooseva

Aadhaar connectivity is mandatory for any bank account, gas connection, phone number, etc. The government says that Aadhaar will help in providing equal welfare benefits to all. The Andhra Pradesh state government is preparing to bring 'Bhudhar' to sort people's landlords on the lines of Aadhaar. Each person must give the Bhudhaar number for each asset as the number is Aadhaar number. Bhudhaar is the 11 digit unique number, there is no more passbook, adangal and pahani. Bhudhar number is given for revenue, registrations, municipal, forest and panchayat areas.

Bhudhar number is also assigned to farm land, cities and towns. This Bhudhar number is connected to landlord Aadhaar number. This will no longer result in illegal transactions. The AP government hopes to get the full protection of every asset with Bhudhar. CCLA officials said that the bhooseva software would be able to keep track of land transactions on a regular basis, as well as ensuring that people can check the records using the Bhudhar number using checks.

In future there is no need to run all around the offices and around the banks are to take all the relevant documents to buy space, mortgage or construction. There is no need for those documents anymore. Authorities will check online only if they have a unique number assigned to the revenue department.

The revenue, forest, panchayat raj and municipal properties are covered by private property. First, the survey numbers are allocated to the survey numbers. The project is undertaken as part of this initiative. The software named 'Bhooseva' has been finalized. Recently, the Survey Area Maps (FMB) was digitized.

The Pahani, Adangal and other Revenue Records are connected to Bhudhar by survey numbers. During the registration, this unique number will be made to check all necessary documents. This number is useful for DTCP approvals. Doing so would facilitate document inspections and do not have a calculation.

On the other hand, both the Aadhaar number bio-metric inspection is possible to register the property only if it is okay. There are no possibly fake registrations and double registrations.

The Bhoodar Project will provide services to the public easily. Survey maps are currently being digitized as part of reform in the revenue department. This program is almost complete. Each survey number has been digitized by sub-divisions. Satellite map with high resolution is completed when it is completed. Subsequently, the survey images match the satellite imagery.If the two are correct, the record is supposed to be fair and give a property ID number to that asset. This is called Bhudhar number. These details are preserved in the portable name port.

Each property is a unique number, Connect with FMB maps, there is complete protection for the assets of the people. The Bhudhaar Project as the next step in revenue reforms. People can enter the Bhudhar number in the bhooseva portal and check their property details. Five villages in the zone were selected along with the municipality of Jaggayyapet to implement the Bhoodar Pilot Project.
Each survey number is named after the 'Bhudhar number'. Entering the relevant portals with this number, the relevant survey number details, records, map charts come across the computer screen. The pilot project is expected to be completed by the end of November. After completing the pilot project, then the State will implement this project.