mAadhaar app Download, Now Aadhaar in your Smart Phone

UIDAI has launched a new mAadhaar app on Aadhaar for Android phone. Touching the details of Aadhaar can be said by smart phones. Aadhaar card that has become the most recognizable in life right now, importance is increasing day by day. Aadhaar card details essential for house registration, driving license, vehicle registration, ration cards, bank accounts and fees reimbursement for students.

Occasional events occur somewhere in the absence of Aadhaar card availability. Without such a situation, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has made the mAadhaar app available. Android Lollipop version 5.0 can be downloaded in all its earlier versions. If necessary, share is possible.

mAadhaar app works like this
The mAadhaar app can be downloaded via Google Play Store. The details of the name, date of birth, address and other details will be visible as the app is downloaded and entered our details. It is a soft copy of the original Aadhaar card. Now, this is only available on Android version smart phones.
  • Go to Google Play Store and download mAadhaar app and install it.
  • To create the app password, the user must enter the own password. Besides, it is possible to go ahead and scan the Aadhaar Quick Response (QR) code. Often comes after our details are entered.
  • Enter the number of OTP and Aadhaar registration number. After the Aadhaar card display, we should register our created App password.
  • Soon our Aadhar card comes to the mobile screen. This can be download in the form of image on the phone.
  • Aadhaar Number profile can be downloaded directly once the mobile number is registered. Touch the Aadhaar card will be visible on both sides.
Scanning the Aadhaar card has suffered repeatedly uploading. Directly access the Aadhaar card through the new App. The registrar for vehicle registration, bank accounts and tax requirements are asking the Aadhaar card. Downloaded by mAadhaar app is a soft card to the original Aadhaar card. There is no need to search the Aadhaar card somewhere.

Aadhaar card is now asking for work. UIDAI has been very helpful to launch mAadhaar app for newly available Android phones. App can download the Aadhaar card and use it anywhere. All Android phones, except the below 5.0 version of Android phones, should be used to use this facility. Great Convenient for customers.