TSPSC TS TRT Notification 2017, Telangana DSC Notification Today

Telangana Teachers Recruitment Test (TS TRT) Notification can be issued on October 21 by TSPSC. The SERT within the Department of Education prepared the TS TRT syllabus to be included in this Telangana DSC notification (TRT) has been handed over to TSPSC on Wednesday evening. On Thursday 20th of Diwali vacation is scheduled to be issued on 21st or 22nd, notwithstanding the notification. Notification will be issued with 8792 posts received so far. Download TSPSC TS TRT 2017 Notification soon here.

TSPSC has issued five notifications for recruitment of 8,792 teacher jobs through TRT. Officials estimate that around 4 lakh candidates are likely to attend the TRT test.

TS TRT Online applications & TS TRT Exam dates
TS TRT Online applications from 30th October to 30 November will be accepted. TSPSC announced that it will announce TS TRT 2017exam dates in the second week of February next year. School Assistants, SGT and Language Scholars will have 20% TET weightage.

In Telugu medium school assistants 1754, language pundits 985, PET 374 and SGT 4779 posts, In Urdu medium assistant school assistant 196, language pandits 26, PET 42 and SGT 636 posts. The Telangana government has decided to make changes in the Teachers Recruitment Test application. The choice of local district will be given to candidates. On July 10, the government had issued a copy of the GO No. 25 for recruitment of teacher posts. According to the GO, the TS DSC posts will be recruited by 31 newly formed Telangana districts. Several suspicions have begun. Particularly local topic has come to the fore.

As part of the division of the new Telangana districts, the areas in a district of the past have now become another district. The area where the candidates are educated in a district is in another district. The question is where the candidate will be the locus in the background. The authorities say it is not a problem. According to the rules, any government jobs in the country will be taken into consideration for the school's education of candidates. The same candidate is local in the 4 to 10 years where the four-year period is read. They will consider the same clause. But there are concerns and concerns from candidates. With the division of districts, the number of posts in some districts is high, while in some districts there is more than ten. Information on the TRT rules has been decided to give the option to select the local district. Most major candidates are likely to select a district with more posts in 2 districts. It would be possible to oppose candidates who are educationally local in the background. To this extent the new definition is coming to 'local'. The TS government that is determined to make changes in the zonal system.

TS TRT (TS DSC) syllabus finalized
TS TRT syllabus, which takes into consideration the post-wise appointment of teacher posts in Telangana schools, is almost complete. The academic department has already provided the School Assistant, Secondary Graduate Teacher (SGT) and Pandit posts to the Telangana Public Service Commission for TS TRT. On October 18th, it has also been given the PET posts and the posts of another category of syllabus. The Department of Education officials and TSPSC have taken up the matter. Consequently, the work on the Telangana DSC syllabus was almost over.

Special focus on various aspects of Telangana
The Telangana TRT 2017 syllabus has been finalized in the same way as it was in previous DSCs and there are specifically mentioned various aspects of Telangana. Following Telangana's formation on June 2, 2014, the changes in the state syllabus were added to Telangana. Especially in Telugu, social science subjects, Telangana geographical states, districts, historical elements, poets, artists, Telangana movement, and many prominent figures in the movement have added many aspects. In this background, the DSC will be asked questions specifically regarding these issues. The Telangana teacher recruitment test (TRT) is likely to be done with 80 marks with 160 questions.

TS DSC Posts, Roster points
The TS Department of Education has already issued 31 district wise posts and details of their roster points to TSPSC. TSPSC officials are working on the TS TRT Notification issue. Telangana TRT Notification 2017 will be issued between 20th October and 22nd October. On October 23, the Special Secretary of Education department must appear before the Supreme Court. The TS DSC notification has been issued before the 23rd of this year and the notification can be submitted to the court, sources said.

Telangana DSC 2017 Notification:
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