Andhra Pradesh New Districts division proposal thoughts on track soon

AP New Districts division proposal possible soon very near...

Telangana government moves on forming more than 21 new districts last year, now Andhra Pradesh government also heading towards new districts formation. Andhra Pradesh New Districts division proposal thoughts are buzzing like bees in people and government officials mind. AP New Districts division proposals comes true soon very near time, I hope. I think up to 18 or 20 new districts formation possible in this process and each district population on average likely 20 lakhs. As per information up to now 6 new districts possible in Rayalaseema region, and 12 in coastal region, 31 in total.

AP New Districts likely

In Rayalaseema region 6 new districts most likely Nandhyala, Hindupuram, Proddutur, Madanapalli, Gunthakal or Adoni and Tirupati. I think no other options available for new Districts proposals better than these six. In coastal region Guntur and East Godavari districts are heavy populated and chances divide into three, two new ones in each district likely. Tenali and Macherla in regions in Guntur District, Rajamahedravaram and Amalapuram has potential for new district head quarters in East Godavari district.

Remain four new districts Amaravati new district formation is mandatory for fulfill future capital administration needs. Markapuram is the one of best choice for very backward west Prakasam district and Kavali and Paderu regions may have geographical advantages to became new districts in Andhra Pradesh. Chirala, Bapatla and Tadepalli Gudem also have chances to become new districts. Share your thoughts below though Social media box please.