AP DSC 2018 Exam in Online? 14,300 Vacancies in AP DSC 2018

AP DSC 2018 Vacancies - 4,101 posts to be allowed by the Finance Ministry, 1,447 in the municipalities, 938 jobs in the Modal schools. The number of vacancies for AP teacher recruitment in government schools is 14,300. On December 6, 1,930 jobs were added to 12,370 posts revealed during DSC advertisement. Following the approval of the Finance Ministry, a list of vacancies will be handed over to APPSC. Education sources say that notification can be followed by Sankranthi.

There are 938 vacancies for direct recruitment in the Modal schools. According to the DSC schedule released by minister, 1,197 vacancies have been announced. In fact, the schools in ideal schools do not get promotions because there are no service provisions in this regard. 259 posts were reserved for promotion. The Center has been handing over the ideal schools to the state this year. Should they specifically design service terms and make promotions? Or merge into state government? So far, no decision has been made on the issues. Though the schools did not begin in Prakasam district Chirala, Kurnool district Nandyala and Chittoor district, the government had earlier issued 60 posts. The academic departments did not include these posts at the start of the construction of schools next year. Officials added that the office was ordered to start school in some building and the post office should be immediately included in teacher recruitment.

Minority spaces are not counted. Derivative school spaces are not considered during the DSC schedule announcement. These posts are now being added to the list of complaints. It has been identified that there are 1,447 vacancies in urban and urban schools across the state. These are additional posts that are recently announced.

This time in Kurnool district is likely to be the largest number of vacant posts. Identification of vacancies during DSC 2014 or up to 200 SGT vacancies. More than 1,201 posts are available for retirement. Competition for non-indigenous quota posts in the district is likely to increase. There will be 200 -300 posts in the remaining districts. According to district education officials, there are 726 cases in Guntur district, 267 in Nellore and 800 in Prakasam district.

AP DSC 2018 Exam in Online
There is a discussion between Education department and APPSC on the DSC test conducted online. This time around 4 lakh applicants are likely to get applications. Tests are to be conducted in Telugu, Tamil, English, Oriya, Marathi, Urdu and other media. School Assistant, Secondary Grade, Language Scholars, PET and other jobs are required to conduct written tests separately. If the pen is in paper, it is possible to conduct tests within a day or two. If conducted online, the number of candidates will be tested for many days following the number of candidates. Is it possible to conduct tests all over the country at once? How can one do the exams simultaneously by subjects? School Education Department and APPSC have been conducting primary level discussions on December 21. Official sources prefer to take the exam through online rather than pen and paper (offline). But there are conclusions on what steps should be taken because the number of candidates is high. Testing through online can result in immediate revelations.

The AP government aims to complete the recruitment process by the end of the academic year 2018-19. Written recruitment exams will be held in April and May. Writing tests for university professorships are conducted online in February. The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission has initiated action to administer the exam through a special legislation brought by the state higher education institution. This is the same approach for the examination of assisted professors.