Get free Encumbrance certificate(EC) Online in AP at

Now no need to to go Registration Offices for Encumbrance certificate in Andhra Pradesh state, to get Encumbrance certificate(EC) information about file registration and transactions related to registration, get free from online now at If you have some computer knowledge, you can get at home without spending money. The Department of Registrations and Stamps Andhra Pradesh has made these online services available for no cost.

Up to now in Registration Offices you need to pay Rs. 225 for EC and Rs. 270 for duplicate copies. If you go to the Internet and portal, the AP Registration Website. On the right hand side of the website, the New Service will have an option to view online EC (Encumbrance certificate ), Online CC and Documents Preparation options available. If you Clicking on this user id Password options come in.

To registering the user ID and password, click on the Not Members option and submit the name, Aadhaar number, address along with the user ID and password of the user. Then log in and select the service we require.

Public Online Services in
Once the User ID and password are logged, four services will be visible as Public Online.
  • Document Registration, Encumbrance certificate copy (EC), Certified copy, DEED details Registration service and fill in the full details and submit it.
  • Encumbrance certificate and Duplicate Certified Copy services are currently available from 8pm to 8am.
  • Pre registration document preparetion should have Aadhaar and Pan Card details.
  • The Document preparation updations and edits have been made available in one of the file formats that have been made available.

Get EC Online Encumbrance Certificate (eEC) from IGRS in AP

Steps to get AP Encumbrance Certificate (EC) from website
Andhra Pradesh government gives opportunity to get Online Encumbrance Certificate in web through website. Now you can get an encumbrance certificate online now. In order to get EC you have need to perform the below steps.

Steps to Get Encumbrance Certificate (EC) Online
  • Go to the website
  • Click on Encumbrance Certificate (EC) Link placed on right side webpage
  • First in get eEncumbrance Statement page click on “Submit” bottom in page
  • You through to encumbrance Search,
  • Click on Yes in the screen that appears
  • Fill in the details that appear in the search screen. Once you finish entering all the details click on Submit. It will then go to a new page with the list of items that matched the search displayed.
  • Click on the check box of the list of encumbrance certificates that are needed and click on submit. This will open a new popup window with the encumbrance certificate. You can then print this certificate.
Importance of Encumbrance Certificate
Anyone buying new property can go and verify the current owners of the property that is shown on this certificate in the column Name of Parties Executant (EX)&Claimants(CL) with the copy of the registration documents given for verification. That way you can make sure that you are buying the property from someone who is genuine.

For those that already own property you can make sure that the right people are appearing in the column Name of Parties Executant (EX)&Claimants(CL) as the current owners of the property.

Tips on finding your Encumbrance Certificate
Give as few details as possible and click on search. It will then display a whole set of certificates. Select all and submit and see all the certificates. Once you get all of them search for the one you want and then in the column "Vol/Pg No CD No Doct No/Year [ScheduleNo]" search for the Doct No/Year. Go back to your original list of encumbrance certificates where you selected all earlier and only select this one doct No/Year and voila you will get the certificate you want.

Online Encumbrance Certificate in web is a long awaited dream, enabling the Citizens to search on their own the Encumbrance on any property registered in Sub Registrar Offices has been made a practical reality with the advent of Information Technology. Now citizens can search for Encumbrance on 24x7 basis from anywhere through the medium of Internet. The Source for generating encumbrance details for self-search and encumbrance certificate obtained in Sub Registrar Office is same. Hence for all practical purposes both are same. However, citizens who need ink signed Encumbrance certificate should approach SRO concern.

Online eEC is available for transaction post 01-01-1983 only. Hence if citizens require Encumbrance certificate prior to 01-01-1983, they should approach SRO office concern.

Search for EC can be made on :
  • Document Number and Year of Document
  • House Number or Old House Number or Apartment name situated in a City/ Town/Village with optional Flat Number and Colony/Locality/Habitation
  • Survey number in a Revenue Village and optionally described by a Plot number.
  • District and SRO office selection is mandatory under all options.
Users are advised to enter the house number following the standard format as Ward - Block - Door NO / Bi no. for better results.

As the data describing the property is not well structured and standardized due to legacy data and variation in description of the same property with respect to time because of changes in the classification of property, a probabilistic search is made and that may result in display of multiple results some of which may not be of any interest to the user. User should select the relevant entry for generating the statement on Encumbrances. The encumbrances shown in the eEC are those discovered with reference to the description of properties furnished by the applicants at the time of Registration.

In case system responds by “Data Not Found”, for confirmation approach SRO concern. Get EC Online Encumbrance Certificate at